Burnout Warning Sign(Stressed /Depressed/Mental Health)

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Burnout warning signs

*Being constantly tired & unmotivated but struggling to rest and sleep

*Suddenly having a burst of energy & productivity – this can sometimes predict a big ‘crash’ soon after

*You find yourself stuck in ‘freeze mode’; e.g. mindlessly scrolling social media for hours in your free time even if that’s not what you want to do

*Feeling cynical & like the things you’re doing don’t matter or aren’t important

*You’re making careless mistakes more often

*You’re experiencing compassion fatigue: the sudden inability to tap into feelings of empathy or compassion

*Even fun things are starting to feel like stressful obligations

*You find yourself being highly irritable & snapping at loved ones over small things

*Constant procrastination and taking longer to get things done; often paired with overwhelm and stress

Being burnt out can show up in lots of different ways.

Your health is important. And sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is to take a step back and nurture your well-being.

Self-care is a necessary part of staying strong and resilient in our hectic lives. Practice making self-care a priority

With Love

Arputha Jayanthi
Counseling Psychologist
“Empowering Journey, Illuminating paths”

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