6 signs that you might be burnt out (And how you can take action)

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You feel overwhelmed by day-to-day activities
To-do lists can be stressful, and it’s totally human to feel overwhelmed by the day ahead of you. One of the reasons you might be experiencing stress is because you’re doing too much at the same time.
What You Can Do:
• Try taking on one thing at a time.
• Sandwich those “ugh” tasks with ones that take up less energy.
• If you need to take breaks, that’s OK.
You’re starting to resent people & feel disconnected from others
If you feel a bit of consistent dread creeping in when it comes to people you’re close with or things you’ve normally been interested in, that’s a key sign of burnout.
What You Can Do:
• Try finding at least one person to connect with safely about the symptoms you’re feeling.
• That can make a difference in regards to how you interact with those in your life despite feeling burned out.
You find yourself getting easily irritated with people
Ever have those days where just the smallest thing can set you off? Anger is a normal part of life, but burnout can make you feel irritated with those around you more often than usual.
What You Can Do:
• The first way to get through this feeling is to acknowledge it.
• Once you’ve sat in your feels, try pinpointing the bigger picture of what’s getting you worked up.
Boost your morale by diving into a gratitude exercise to remind yourself of the small things that make you feel good.
You feel extremely tired all the time
Research shows that insufficient sleep is a big factor when it comes to burnout, so taking steps to make sure you’re getting enough sleep can really help you curb stress. But we get it: Diving into sleep when you’re thoughts are at work or in a worry spiral isn’t fun.
What You Can Do:
• One thing you can do before you hit the hay is create a healthy space for your relaxation.
• That might mean not doing work from the comfort of your bed, and making your room a “sleep only” place with some comfortable blankets and essential oils.
You feel like you’re losing joy and motivation
Not sure of your “why” or purpose any longer? Burnout has a tendency of stealing that from you, and, in turn, stealing any motivation you might have.
What You Can Do:
• Start by trying to do things without the expectation that you’ll be good or bad at it.
• Work your way to doing things that once made you happy. It can be as small as wearing your favorite socks or eating your favorite breakfast.
• Intentionally savoring small joys can increase your “joy frequency,” and ultimately, bring back a little motivation in your life.
You’re experiencing physical symptoms
There are a few symptoms that you might not realize have to do with burnout, like a loss of appetite, headaches, or nausea. These can be easy to mistake as normal physical ailments, but the remedy to them all lie in the answers above; particularly sleep.
What You Can Do:
• Taking time to give yourself mental health breaks and space to recharge can do wonders when it comes to letting your body heal from the effects of burnout.
• Consult an expert, like a general physician or a therapist, to get even more support in coping with the symptoms of burnout.
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