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“Holistic Be You Counseling Psychologist empowers individuals to achieve holistic wellness by addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Through personalized counseling sessions, we guide clients towards self-discovery, growth, and fulfillment. Our approach integrates evidence-based therapy techniques with a deep respect for each individual’s unique journey towards healing and self-actualization.”

about me

A Passionate Professional Helping individual in sitting and achieving their Personal Goal and professional Goal

ARPUTHA JAYANTHI is a highly accomplished counseling psychologist with a Master’s degree in psychology. She has been recognized with an honorable doctorate award in her field, highlighting her dedication and expertise in counseling. With five years of experience in counseling & Coaching, she specializes in providing counseling services for both children and adults & Couple Counseling.

Certified Psychologist

Child Psychologist

10+ Years Experiences

Certified Personal Trainer

Registered Dietarian

My Set Of Skills

ARPUTHA JAYANTHI has pursued additional training as an Child Psychologist , CBT Therapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Mindfulness Practitioner . These additional certifications suggest that she incorporates techniques from these modalities into her counseling approach, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of her therapeutic interventionzs.

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